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Duct Cleaning: Integral Cleaning Task

Household air ducts perform many essential functions as they circulate air in the home to allow effective heating and cooling systems to work in all the rooms. Cleaner air ducts allow consistent respiratory and temperature comfort in the entire house throughout all seasons.

The air that circulates in your air duct basically travels your entire home multiple times a day so whatever spreads in your air duct is likely to reach your respiratory system. The air of the air duct is the air your family breaths in, and it is all over your living environment.

Following are the contaminants that can circulate in air ducts:

  • Germs
  • Algae
  • Spores
  • Pollens
  • Dust

Getting regular cleaning and maintenance of your air duct can help avoid the above-mentioned contaminants from circulating in your air duct. Following are advantages of cleaner air duct:

1-No Air Resistance

Surprisingly dirty air duct provides resistance to air that travels through them. Therefore, no effective heating or cooling can take place through them. Some people don’t get their ducts cleaned over years and even decades and think that they will remain as good as new ones, but that is not the case.

2-Animals and Reptile Encounter

Birds and insects also contribute to the pollutants inside the air duct, and sometimes even small mammals like rats and moles enter the air duct. Lizards and reptiles can also travel through the dirty air ducts. To keep these animals and pollutants outside your home, you need to maintain your air duct and ensure that it is clean.

3-Reduction of Irritants

In case you or your family is having respiratory issues that they might not have experienced before then, they must check the air duct to see if it is contributing to the irritants in the breathing air. Asthma or other respiratory disorders can be worsened due to irritants in the air that travels through the duct.

4-Unpleasant Smell

Not just does the air in your air duct travels through your house, but also the air of your home travels through your air duct. If you have pets, you smoke, there are paint fumes or molds that can travel through your air duct in the entire home.

When these contaminants enter your lungs and nose, there can be a triggering factor for coughing and other respiratory problems.

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