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Tips for using lamps and lighting successfully for a cozy beautiful home

Lighting, one of the 7 essential elements of interior design, or may we add, to create a bright home and cozy. Natural light is a prominent part of every home. Spaces with ample ventilation and natural light give off airy and fresh vibes all the time. Don’t you agree?

If you know how essential and accent lighting is important, why leave lighting for the last moment? Most of us spend so much time speculating about furniture, wall paint, art, and texture, leaving the most important part – lighting – for the last moment. 

For the most part, you have to make adjustments to the light arrangement to make it look better and do well according to your “furniture and fall ceiling.” And once all is done, you have to live with it every day, often making you regret not discussing your requirements with the interior designer and contractor.

However, if you carefully consider your needs, vibes, and lamp light trends, you can create bright and cozy lighting you will want to live with for longer.

Here’s how you can use lamps and lighting to create a beautiful cozy home.

  1. Consider functions first

When you decide on the much-awaited home decor, browsing for themes, modern furniture trends, and wall paints is quite tempting. When you search for online lighting options, you might be tempted to buy lamps online with modern design and smart lighting.

But before you are sold to the looks and feel of such a variety of lamps, consider whether buying these lamps would be of any use to your home? 

Decide whether do you need hanging lanterns or floor lamps? Think about what tasks you and your family members usually perform in each room. How much and in which part of your home receives natural light? Where would you need accent lighting or task lights? How do you want the vibes of that space to feel?

Make a list of your wants and needs regarding your home lighting first. Lighting decisions based on this list will make it easier and cost-effective. 

  1. Go for layered lighting

Installing spotlights, LEDs, and chandeliers just to create a focal point and the desired feel has become an interior trend recently. However, instead of installing seven to eight light resources in one room, why not start with four to five?

Start with ambient lighting – the main source of lighting in the room. Choose an ambient light a little bigger and brighter than what you think is enough, especially in the living room. Everyone likes a space that is bright and well-lit, after all.  As for creating a focal point you can easily achieve this by choosing a central pendant light or chandelier in bigger spaces like the living room or entrance of your home.

Once you have decided on your ambient lighting, move to the next layer of lighting, which is task lighting. Although not every room needs task lighting, however, spaces where you perform specific tasks such as reading, cooking, or working on a computer need to be well-lit. 

Finalize accent lighting for the feel and vibes you would want to create. If you are desperate to bring those stylish home decor lamps, you can use these while creating accent lighting.

Be a little quirky or creative if you want, and add some table lamps, floor lighting, wall lights to highlight certain spaces such as gallery walls, artwork, or stylish plants.

  1. Turn to the candlelight vibes

Candlelight dinners are everyone’s favorite. But if you have saved those scented candles only for romantic dates or spa nights, then it is time you light those up for a cozy evening.

When you feel like creating dim lighting for a relaxing evening, be it with your family, partner, or on your own, closing the window curtains and lighting your favorite candles work the magic. As an alternative, you can add dim or mood lighting to your layers for this purpose.

  1. Switch to LED

LEDs have become popular for reasons. For one, LEDs have a longer lifespan than halogen lights. Even the most standard LED lights can take you farther for 10-15 years.

Moreover, with 85% less energy consumption and less heat emission, LEDs make eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly choices. 

And now comes the fun part; thanks to the innovative lighting, LEDs come in varieties for more standard as well as stylish fittings with no flicker bright light that will brighten up your spaces and vibes.

  1. Less is more

Whether it’s choosing accent lighting or fixing more sources of light in one room, less is always more. Follow this rule, especially when you are selecting ceiling lights.

No one likes 10 light sources glaring down from the different corners of the ceiling when you walk into the room. Instead of fixing these many lights in the ceiling, use corner lamps or modern lanterns to solve the purpose.

Whether you want your home to be bright and cheery or cool and soothing, your home lighting is going to make all the difference. More importantly, once you have installed the lights, you will have to adjust with them for years to come. 

Thus making the light arrangements that suit your needs and taste is always a smart thing to do. As for how you can start by considering the above tips. Happy lighting up your home!

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Kermit Verrill