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Aesthetic Wall and Floor Effect Tiles You’ll Fall in Line With

Do you like the way concrete looks on walls? Or do you live the aesthetic feel that wood floors and walls have? Honestly, most homeowners do!

However, wood, marble, and concrete materials are high maintenance and costly. Creating aesthetic walls and floors with wood, marble, or concrete can increase your overall house cost a lot.

Behold the one-stop solution for all the above aesthetic effects: effect tiles.  Wood effect or concrete effect tiles provide the look of these materials without being high maintenance or adding up costs. Following are the most aesthetic effect tiles available for homeowners.

  1. Wood-Effect

Wood is the most aesthetic and oldest flooring and wall design material. Unfortunately, wooden floors and walls are sensitive to moisture and sun exposure that can damage them.

Moreover, it would help maintain them if you get wooden floors and walls polished two times a year to keep them looking good. Wooden effect tiles are available that are not sensitive to moisture or sunlight, and you don’t even need to get them polished. You can clean them with a cloth or wash them if desired.

Concrete Effect Tiles

Concrete effect tiles are used in modern homes to match the theme of Grey furniture and decoration items. Concrete itself may not be as high maintenance as wood, but increased friction causes damage to every surface that accidentally slides on it, like furniture.

Contrary to concrete walls, the concrete effect tiles are smoother and don’t have that high level of friction.

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble seems like a made in heaven material for floors and walls, but unfortunately, it loses its shine due to exposure to environmental moisture.

If you accidentally spill beverages on the marble floor, they will do irreversible damage. Contrary to original marble, the marble effect tiles are immune to environmental moisture. Even if you spill coffee, coke, or wine on them, you can clean them without worrying about stains.

Concluding Thoughts:

Effect tiles are the best things in town for low-maintenance and low-cost walls and floors that look stunning. You can consult an interior decorator before choosing the right effect tile for your home.

Make sure the effect tile you choose goes with the room’s overall look. Not all companies provide high-quality effect tiles as durable as Global standard quality of effect tiles; therefore, always buy them from trusted suppliers like Céramique au Sommet.

They ensure that homeowners get most aesthetic walls and floors at low cost but top global standard quality.

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