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What Should Your Custom Reach-in Closet Have?

Think about it – your clothes are an important part of your life. They form who you are and how people see you. That’s why it’s so important to have a space in your home where you can store them properly. A custom reach-in closet is the best way to do that. But what should your reach-in closet have? If you’re considering a custom reach-in closet, there are a few things you’ll need to take into account. Here are some of the must-haves for your new closet

Shelves: You’ll need shelves for storing folded clothes, shoes, and other items. Your custom reach-in closet should absolutely have some sort of shelving or storage bins. You’ll need a place to put folded clothes, sweaters, and other items. The more shelves or bins you have, the better! When it comes to custom shelves, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You can go with a simple design, or get creative and add some extra details. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

– If you want a sleek and modern look, consider using metal shelves. They’ll give your closet a contemporary feel.

– If you’re a fan of rustic style, wood shelves might be the perfect choice for you. They’ll add some warmth and character to your reach-in closet.

– If you want something that’s both stylish and functional, consider glass shelves. They’ll make your reach-in closet look high-end, and they

Hanger bars: These are essential for storing clothes that need to be hung up. You’ll also want room for hanging clothes. Hanging space is essential for shirts, pants, and dresses. All of these items require hanging space in order to stay wrinkle-free and look their best. Without adequate hanging space, your clothes will become wrinkled and disheveled. Make sure you have enough space for all of your garments!

The height of your reach-in closet’s hanger bars should be around 66 inches from the floor. This is the most comfortable height for storing clothes. If you have a custom reach-in closet, it’s important to make sure that the hanger bars are at the correct height. If they’re too low or too high, it’ll be difficult to reach your clothes.

Drawers: Need a place to stash your delicate jewelry and underthings? Drawers are the perfect storage solution for small items. Keep your most frequently used items close at hand in a dresser drawer, or tuck away seasonal pieces in a tall chest – freeing up closet space for larger items.

There are a few different drawer sizes and options for reach-in closets. The most common are single, double, and triple drawers. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical drawers, depending on your needs.

Single drawers are perfect for storing small items. Double drawers offer more storage space and are great for storing folded clothes. Triple drawers are the largest option and are perfect for storing out-of-season clothes or other items that you don’t need to access on a daily basis.

When it comes to drawer styles, there are two main options: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal drawers are the most common type of reach-in closet drawer. They’re perfect for storing folded clothes, such as shirts and sweaters. Vertical drawers are less common, but they’re a great option for reach-in closets that are short on space. They’re perfect for storing items that you don’t need to access on a daily basis, such as out-of-season clothes or accessories.

Get Started Today

Now that you know what your reach-in closet should have, it’s time to start thinking about the design. Do you want a sleek and modern look, or something more traditional? How much storage space do you need? Once you’ve answered these questions, it’ll be easier to design a custom reach-in closet.

Making sure you have all of these features will ensure that your reach-in closet is both functional and stylish. Work with a professional closet designer to create the perfect reach-in closet for your home.  JB Closets can exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life. Contact them now and make your closet a safe haven for you and your precious collection.

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