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Things You Need To Know About Pitch Fibre Drains

Imagine you called unblock drains Bracknell company to survey your home, and they found out pitch fibre drains. You will see their head swinging with a cliche smile. We will explain to you everything that is required about pitch fibre drains:

What Do You Mean By Pitch Fibre?

The pitch fibre is made basically of cellulose from wood mixed with coal tar. But some companies who manufacture pitch fibre drains even add asbestos for providing strength to the material.

Why Are Pitch Fibre Drains Used?

Pitch fibre is considered a good material and can be processed more cheaply, while clay pipes are hard to manufacture. Pitch fibre drains are lightweight and very easy to handle.

History Of Pitch Fibre Drains?

The United States and Canada started using this wonder material in 1890. But the United Kingdom began to use it from 1940 through 1970.

Disadvantages Of Pitch Fibre Drains?

Pitch fibre drains show their best behaviour with typical wastewater, but it is awful when it comes to hot water, fats, and oil.

The people in the USA didn’t find this type of problem. But these days, people use hot and cold water, which turns into a greasy drain, but unblock drains Bracknell companies can help you with the same.

What Is The Threshold Of Pitch Fibre Drains?

New pitch fibre drains can be used till 40 years as that is the last they can go well with your gutters. This then is the life we are expecting from them. Often if you are stitched with any blister, that will completely block the drain, and then you need to take the help of unblocking drains Bracknell companies.

Use Of Asbestos In Pitch Fibre Drains?

Manufacturers in the UK started adding asbestos as it strengthens the material. It is bonded with tar which is safe until disturbed. But don’t panic. It can be sighted out by unblocking drains, Bracknell.

Is It Necessary To Repair Every Pitch Fibre Drain?

It is recommended that the drains used which are highly damaged should be repaired because any delay can empty your pockets.

What To Do If The Drains Are Not Damaged?

If the line has no defect, it is unnecessary to repair it. One exception is that the pitch fibre drains run below your house.

Re Rounding Of Lining?

It is done with the help of a tool. The tool is stretched through the whole lining with high tension, bringing the bent pipe to its original shape.

After this step, the expert installs a resin liner which hardens with time and can last for 40 years at least. All unblock drains Bracknell companies provide this facility at your doorstep!

Does Pitch Fibre Maintenance Be Claimed In Home Insurance?

It depends on the policies your insurance company is working on. They can tell that it is distorted over time, so they will not pay because they won’t consider it as an accidental cause.

It is mentioned in some insurance policies what they will cover. For more information, contact your insurance agent.

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