Five Factors to Consider When Buying Salon Equipment

Opening a hair salon requires a lot of planning and preparation. There are many factors to think about including your salon equipment. If you are setting up a salon from scratch, you must invest in every piece of equipment and furniture necessary for your business to start operating. Keep in mind that your chosen equipment is important to each hairdressing, colour, or technical service. Thus, you must make the right choices. It accounts for a big part of your brand identity, so do it right. The following are important things to think about when purchasing salon equipment:

Fit for Purpose

While equipment design and style matter, functionality that fits its purpose is important. Go to a dealer or showroom to make sure you buy equipment that’s right for the services your salon offers. Also, this helps you find equipment with the right dimensions based on the salon space. By getting Lanvain beauty salon equipment, you can’t go wrong with your choices. 


Ensure you invest in high-quality salon equipment, so it lasts, saves you money in the long run, and ensures the satisfaction of your clients. Choose equipment that meets your salon’s demands. Also, make sure the purchase comes with a service backup should something go wrong. The last thing you want is to lose service income because of damaged or unusable equipment. Also, low-quality equipment impacts the experience of your customers and working conditions.

Comfort and Style

Before you purchase salon equipment, try it first to experience what it feels like. Keep in mind that your clients will spend nearly their entire visit in a salon chair, so you must take comfort seriously. Go for products that have been rigorously tested to guarantee comfort and stability even after years of use. 

Weight Heights and Position

When you shop for salon equipment, consider taking a team member with you to test the functionality of a piece based on the services it will be used for. You must prioritize ergonomic features like working height, as well as reclining and rotational motions to deliver exceptional services and experience to your clients. 

Future Proof

When you make salon equipment decisions, you must think ahead. Will certain pieces stay on-trend and be updated without repurchasing new pieces? Can a piece of equipment be easily maintained, replaced, or repaired? Can you easily find technicians to get these jobs done? Choose products that have been made over several years and are still popular. 

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Mark Smith