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How to get rid of the smell of burning in the apartment

Out of all disasters which might affect your dwelling, fire is perhaps the most unpleasant in terms of negative consequences. Even if the fire was put out very fast and neither furniture nor flooring was damaged, you still won’t be able to do without disaster restoration company Parker Colorado to help you get rid of the terrible smell in the apartment. The thing is that smoke settles very quickly on any surface – furniture, textiles, wallpaper, floor. And even a few days after the “accident,” items and decor elements retain a pungent odor.

Regardless of the cause of the smoke in the house, it is important to take the right measures. After all, the pungent odor that is absorbed into textiles and furniture will not only poison the air for a long time but also undermine the health of family members. So, if the room is filled with acrid smoke, the following step-by-step algorithm will help you understand how to remove the smell of smoke in the apartment and save the interior.

Naturally, all your actions depend on the scale of the accident. Of course, in the case of a fire, you should call firefighters immediately and only then turn to a disaster restoration company Parker Colorado or any other company located in your region to help you get rid of the consequences of this disaster. However, before the specialists arrive, you can take some steps to minimize the negative effect of the fire. First of all, it is necessary to open the windows and the door wide so that there is a draft in the room. The air circulation will ensure the removal of smoke and fumes from the room. If the apartment is built in such a way that it is impossible to create a draft in it, you can use a fan. Remember that burned objects are also a source of bad smell. Therefore, they must be collected and folded into a plastic bag. Items that are impossible to restore should be taken out immediately.

Cleaning companies that deal with the negative consequences of fires, like disaster restoration company Parker Colorado, are armed with the products and equipment specifically made for this purpose. However, during the first hours after the fire, you can try to eliminate the smell of burning yourself to help disaster restoration company Parker Colorado cope with the issue faster. In order to quickly and effectively eliminate the smell of burning in the living space, it is necessary to increase humidity. The simplest method of providing high humidity is to open the faucet in the kitchen so that the water gradually flows into the sink. By the way, it is necessary to turn on the hot water. With heavy smoke, it is recommended to turn off the tap not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom.

Condensation will accumulate on the surfaces, and you need to wipe it out. In case of slight smoke, it is enough to hang wet towels in the kitchen. Wet fabric will very quickly absorb the unpleasant odor. If the smoke fills in the whole apartment, hang large wet towels or bedsheets throughout the room. In case of heavy smoke, it is better to moisten the towels with a vinegar solution (take two tablespoons of vinegar for five liters of water).

Surely, the disaster restoration company Parker Colorado will do the rest of the job fast and efficiently, but with these simple actions, you can at least cope with the smell during the first hours after the fire.


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