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Ways You Can Improve Your Home Value With A Fibreglass Pool

Boosting your home’s value can be as straightforward as adding a fibreglass pool to your property. Not only does this feature provide a luxurious space for relaxation and entertainment, but it also significantly escalates the appeal of your home to potential future buyers. In Australia, where the climate encourages outdoor living and swimming, a fibreglass pool becomes an even more valuable addition. The installation of a fibreglass pool is a robust investment that promises an appreciable return, transforming your humble abode into a high-demand property in the real estate market. In the following sections, we will delve into the ways a fibreglass pool can enhance your home’s value.

Swimming Pools Increase Desirability

House value

A fibreglass pool often makes a property more attractive to potential buyers, especially in hot climates like Australia where a pool is considered a requirement rather than a luxury. Recent research shows that 1 in 7 Australians are living in a house with a pool and/or spa. This is a 13% jump from the same research carried out 5 years prior, showing that pool popularity is very much on the up. This increased interest can translate into higher property values for those with a fibreglass pool in their backyard.


A pool can greatly enhance the aesthetics of any property, raising its visual appeal and allowing it to stand out from other residential offerings. The elegant gleam of a fibreglass pool combined with the beautiful plants and landscaping that usually surrounds them makes your home look more polished and attractive. This improved curb appeal is sure to draw attention from prospective buyers who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing home.

The Value of Fibreglass Swimming Pools

High Return on Investment

The cost of installing a fibreglass pool is considerably less expensive than other materials such as concrete, while still providing the same level of quality and durability. This makes it an extremely wise investment that will quickly pay for itself in terms of home value appreciation. You can expect to make up to 15% in return on investment for a mid-sized pool, or up to 20% for a larger one. Therefore, if you are looking to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank, investing in a fibreglass swimming pools brisbane is definitely worth considering.

Fibreglass Pool Maintenance is Easy

The maintenance of a fibreglass pool is significantly less demanding than that for other types. Fibreglass pools are formed from gel-coated shells, meaning they don’t require additional lining and therefore can be installed quickly and easily. The semi-smooth surface of the pool helps keep algae and bacteria to a minimum so you won’t have to spend time scrubbing away at stubborn stains. The slick surface also makes it easier to balance pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels in the water, meaning your maintenance routine can be quite minimal. Due to their low maintenance it of course makes them a more cost effective option, spending less money on products and time on upkeep.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Effective

Fibreglass pools offer numerous benefits due to their energy efficiency. They have excellent heat retention properties, resulting in reduced electricity consumption for pool pumps and heaters. This efficiency translates into significant long-term savings, making it a compelling advantage for potential buyers. They are also the cheaper option when it comes to the installation and can be installed a lot quicker than concrete pools. With Fibreglass pools, you can enjoy both the financial and environmental advantages of a more energy-efficient pool system.


Fibreglass pools are renowned for their exceptional durability and impressive longevity. Thanks to their robust construction, they effectively resist the growth of algae and are highly resistant to damage, resulting in significant savings on future repairs and maintenance expenses. Moreover, the exceptional durability of fibreglass pools can significantly enhance the overall value of your property, making it an excellent investment for the long term.


With a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours available, fibreglass pools can be designed to perfectly complement your home’s unique aesthetic. This added layer of customisation not only enhances the overall visual appeal of your property but also elevates its perceived value, making it the epitome of luxury and elegance. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern pool design or a more traditional and timeless look, fibreglass pools offer endless possibilities to create a stunning space that reflects your personal style and enhances your outdoor living space. Choosing the design and style can be a hard decision, it’s recommended that you reach out to professionals like the team at Barrier Reef Pools who will ensure you find the perfect fit for your home.

Healthier Option

Fibreglass pools have a non-porous surface that effectively prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. This makes them a much healthier option than other types of pools, such as vinyl-lined ones, which can harbour harmful microorganisms. Not only will this make for better water quality but it also reduces the chances of irritations or infections for swimmers who use the pool. The elimination of potential health risks in a residential pool creates a healthier swimming environment, a feature that is becoming increasingly important to homebuyers as they become more health conscious.


Another feature that consumers are becoming more conscious of is safety. Fibreglass pools are considered to be one of the safest pool types due to their durability and smooth surface. This makes them less prone to accidents and damages, creating a space that is ideal for swimming and entertainment alike. The safety of fibreglass pools is emphasised by their excellent resistance against fading, staining, algae growth and other common sources of damage.


In summary, fibreglass pools provide an array of advantages that span aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and health safety. Their customisability, low maintenance, and long lifespan make them a worthy investment for any homeowner seeking to elevate their property value and enhance their lifestyle.

Choosing a leading pool manufacturer like Barrier Reef Pools ensures quality and satisfaction throughout the entire process. So don’t delay, transform your backyard into the ideal retreat with a fibreglass pool today!


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