Upholstered Sofas: Why and How Should You Keep them Clean?

The sofas in your house serve more than just the purpose of something to sit on. You can use them as beds, your kids can play on them, and your pets may love to sleep on them. 

That’s why cleaning them is extremely important, not only for their sake but for the sake of the health of your kids and pets. 

Upholstered sofas need more thorough and deep cleaning because they can take more dust and contaminants. Apart from that, your sofa is probably among the most used items in your house and is therefore much more vulnerable to getting dirty and contaminated. 

Your Cleaning Options 

Regardless of the nature of your sofa and how much it is used or dirty, the following are the options always available to you for cleaning it:

  • Cleaning with the help of a shampoo
  • Cleaning with the help of detergents
  • Cleaning with the help of shampoo or detergents combined with disinfectants
  • Steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning combined with shampoo/detergent treatment
  • Professional cleaning service providers like Nettoyage sofa Imperial use the latest hot water extraction techniques of steam cleaning

11 Reasons Why You Should Always Prefer Steam Cleaning

You might wonder why you prefer steam cleaning over traditional detergent cleaning. Well, take a look at the following eleven reasons and see for yourself:

  1. Steam cleaning is more efficient than traditional cleaning 
  2. Steam cleaning takes less time and effort compared to traditional cleaning
  3. Steam cleaning is the best option you have if your sofas are upholstered ones
  4. Steam cleaning can remove stubborn odors and stains like no other method can. 
  5. Steam cleaning can kill bacteria to a significant extent, even in the absence of disinfectants
  6. Steam cleaning is good for all kinds of fabrics
  7. Steam cleaning doesn’t discolor the fabrics of sofas
  8. Steam cleaning is more gentle and more thorough than traditional cleaning
  9. Steam cleaning is safer than traditional cleaning
  10. Steam cleaning uses enzymes that can kill bacteria along with removing debris and dirt
  11. Steam cleaning protects the leather of sofas against such cracking and fading

The Importance of Cleaning Sofas

Cleaning your sofas is crucial and worth it because:

  • It maintains the beauty of your sofa
  • It maintains the durability of your sofa
  • Kit keeps your sofas’ solidity intact
  • It protects your sofas against discoloration 
  • It protects your sofas against contamination
  • It protects you and your family against illnesses and allergies caused by dirty sofas


Since your sofas are among the most used items in your house, they deserve extra attention equivalent to the attention you give to your clothes. Just like dirty clothes can make you sick, so can dirty sofas. That’s why you should regularly clean your sofas with the help of effective cleanings, such as steam cleaning. 

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