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Top 5 Loft Conversion Advantages

Over the years, adding a loft conversion to your property has swiftly become one of the most popular home remodelling ideas, frequently used as a cost-effective alternative to moving. Many homeowners use their loft as a storage solution for everything from family antiques to old furniture, making it a hoarder’s paradise! However, many loft conversions offer a large enough area for a huge master bedroom with the addition of an en-suite, showing that it is well worth making use of the extra space. If you’re debating whether this fantastic home modification is suitable for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of loft conversions!

1. Added Living Space

Although both an extension and a conservatory increase living space in a home, they need significantly more work and preparation. Regarding conservatories, the options for room type are frequently limited to an extra living room or dining room, as well as an extension that requires authorised planning permission.

On the other hand, loft conversions in South London are quick and straightforward to complete, making adding extra living space a breeze. Also, taking advantage of dead space without the need to sacrifice your land to build an extension or conservatory is a bonus.

2. Increases the value of your home

A loft conversion can provide you with more amenities now and in the future. If you decide to sell your home, loft conversions add up to 20% to the value of your home, making them an excellent investment.

Loft conversions are seeing a revival, in part because homeowners are increasingly employing them as home offices. A home office, formerly considered a niche feature, is now one of the most in-demand property attributes.

3. A View From Your Room

Large windows, sometimes placed on the roof, are used in all loft conversions, making them perfect for stargazing on clear evenings. They will also be significantly higher than any other windows in your home, allowing you to observe your neighbourhood from an entirely new viewpoint, transforming every loft conversion into a room with a stunning outlook!

4. Energy Saving

Many people are astonished by the variety of home efficiency benefits that come with a loft conversion, as well as the low cost of operation.

As previously said, all loft conversions are packed with huge windows, meaning they use solely natural lighting for the bulk of the day. Most other rooms in the house are likely to be obstructed by neighbouring homes, trees, or the street outside, which means that artificial lighting will be required all day on gloomier days. Loft conversions can be lit entirely by natural light throughout the day, all year, saving energy bills.

5. Easier Than Relocating

Without a doubt, adding a loft conversion is a hundred times easier than moving house. Loft conversions are an excellent option if you are beginning to outgrow your property but do not want to go through the stressful selling process.

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