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Signs To Call Pest Control Services For Exterminating Scorpions In The House

Scorpions are a major concern for the people living in Tucson, Phoenix, and Arizona. They are native to the Sonoran Desert and South-West region including Arizona. Humans settle in the desert, which disturbs the scorpion’s natural habitat, so they are forced to find new houses. Exposed brick walls are my favorite scorpion’s habitat.

The professionals at Pest Control Scottsdale AZ are approached often because scorpions are more prevalent in Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley.

Do scorpions enter the house?

Scorpions are not drawn inside the house but linger in the yard. They have poor eyesight as well as use touch to find a habitat. Small cracks are preferred to crawl in and hide. They enter the home accidentally. If your home has another pest issue that is the source of food for the scorpion then they enter the home, it is rare. The chances to find scorpions in vacant homes are high in Arizona.

Signs to call pest control services for exterminating scorpions

If your home is behind an alley then the chances of scorpion infestation are high. Alleys are constructed from concrete block walls and scorpions adore this habitat. Alleys are freeways for scorpions to visit one property after another with ease. Alleys have trash, which is a great environment for spiders, crickets, and cockroaches to strive. In Arizona bark scorpions find alleys to be a great habitat as there is an abundance of prey available.

If your home has a wash behind then the back wall can have scorpions because washes are similar to a desert. If there is an overgrown plant or bush on the wall’s opposite side then it may be offering scorpions the shelter. If the wash is flooded with water during the rainy season then the chances that scorpions thrive there are less.

How venomous are scorpions?

Scorpion stings can be painful with little swelling. There can be tingling and numbness across the body. The bitten spot is sensitive to pressure, touch, heat, and cold. Kids are at high risk like their eye movements can be wild and body can experience jerks. In terms of the first-aid, clean site with water and soap, apply cool compresses, and position the affected limb in a comfy position. For minor discomfort give OTC medication.

Scorpions are inactive in daylight. The stings reported are generally during the night and in summer months because in winter scorpion goes into hibernation.

The pest control services perform a home inspection. They scan the property with UV lights at night, identify their habitat and destroy the scorpion infestation. After inspection, a controlled sweep is essential to lower the population quickly and entirely exterminate the scorpions.

How to keep scorpions from entering the house?

  • Seal all the cracks and gaps around the house.
  • Keep the backyard clutter-free and ensure there is no hiding space.
  • Trim vegetation around the house including trees and shrubs leaning over to give access to pests.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep home interiors dry and dampness free.

Make sure to hire pest control services to inspect, if you find a single scorpion around the house.

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