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Norwich is a beautiful flourishing city with hundreds of historic buildings, as well as a thriving entertainment scene, some great shopping options, as well as a wide range of excellent restaurants. The city of Norwich provides a great blend of history and modern sophistication that attracts thousands of people every year to visit or relocate there.

Living in Norwich provides the residents with several perks, one of which is its proximity to London, making it a prime destination for anyone that needs to regularly visit the capital city without having the spend the stupendously high living costs there. Norwich offers some great housing options, and the best properties are usually found in the most expensive areas. These are some of the most expensive places to buy or sell property in Norwich.

  1. Blakeney (Average property price of £627,056)

Blakeney is a beautiful town with a lot of charm. It is situated in a lovely position on the Norfolk coast, so you get some stunning views of the sea here. Blakeney has a good number of flint cottages that were once used as homes by local fishermen, and the area provides a large number of places to eat as well as activities you can enjoy. Because of the long beaches and sea, it is also a great area for some relaxing strolls. If you’d like to live in a beautiful coastal village, then Blakeney is ideal for you.

  1. Hoveton (Average property price of £348,612)

This attractive thriving town sits right beside the River Bure, and it is colloquially referred to as “the Heart of the Norfolk Broads”. The tourist industry in Hoveton is booming and that has helped to sustain its industrial and commercial areas. Hoveton has several great facilities available for its residents including parks, a railway station, a medical center, as well as many shops, hotels, pubs, and restaurants.

  1. Wells-next-the-Sea (Average property price of £441,441)

This town is one of the most desirable places to live in Norwich. It is a harbor town, so a lot of its beauty is down to the beaches and scenic views of the harbor. Away from the sea, the town is a mix of modern and contemporary culture. The housing market is vast and full of beautiful housing options especially for quick cash buyers.

  1. Holt (Average property price of £434,376)

Holt is a quaint city with a lot of character. It is a town that is littered with magnificent Georgian architecture that can be seen around the town center, as well as flintstone buildings that have become synonymous with the city of Norwich. Holt is a beautiful town with amazing houses you can choose between, although at pretty expensive prices.

  1. Wroxham (Average property price of £462,151)

Wroxham is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places to live in Norwich. The majority of the town is rural, but that does not mean it is cut away from civilization. Wroxham has several great tourist attractions, and that is why thousands of people flock to the city in the summer season to enjoy the beauty and the attractions. According to Wales Cash Buyers, The houses in this region might be a tad bit expensive, but they are worth it.

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