Decontamination – The New Normal We Need

Decontamination is a word of the new ages one might be forced to believe with its extensive usage in recent times owing to the pandemic and other man-made chemical hazards. But its usage has been recorded as early as the 1930s in reference to various processes that required getting rid of contaminants of natural and synthetic origins.

But is this process an actual necessity when it comes to making your personal/professional space hygienic and beautiful?

Well, no answer in negation should be considered honest and beneficial. Since only after getting rid of molds and asbestos (in old buildings), bacterial infections, and micro dust particles can we truly say that any space of residence/work is safe in all its senses.

Why is decontamination important?

  1. It’s the only Antifungal and antiviral advanced cleaning process available.
  2. It removes dust and allergic bacteria.
  3. It offers dry and moist free interiors.
  4. It prevents mold/mosses.
  5. It prolongs structural strength and aesthetic appeal.

In the wake of the pandemic, it is absolutely important to decontaminate your places of occupation not only for the above said factors, but also for the prevention of spread of the contagious virus around us.

How Can Decontamination Be Realised in Its Full Effects?

Some points to keep in mind for an effective decontamination process translates to:

  1. Modern techniques.
  2. Expertise in process.
  3. Establishing proper methods.
  4. Minimum damage to property.

Hiring an expert opinion and service from companies like Multisinistres can help you easily meet all of the above-listed criteria and also value for money in addition. It has to be noted that the proper execution of decontamination activities require skill and professionalism aided by modern and hi-tech techniques.

Only a handful of technically advanced and resourceful companies such as Multisinistres Décontamination have the resources to pull this delicate and subtle process with optimum results and productivity. If you believe the world needs heroes now more than ever before, it is your chance to become one by creating a healthy and hygienic bubble around yourself and your loved ones.

Decontamination might not be a new word if you look at it from the factual point of view, but it certainly is the word we need to keep in mind now and put into action, with the help of well trained professionals like Multisinistres, if we need to make our planet a safer and stronger place to live in. Decontaminate for a better tomorrow.

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Kermit Verrill