Considering Concrete for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Concrete is a widely used material for construction, so it’s no surprise you might be thinking of using it to build your outdoor kitchen. It’s strong, durable, and lasts a long time. But concrete is more than just a simple material. In this article, we’ll focus on building a true outdoor concrete kitchen. Specifically, we’ll talk about a BBQ island made entirely of concrete. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of different types of concrete outdoor kitchens. Let’s dive in!

Why Consider a Concrete Outdoor Kitchen?

Before you decide to invest in a concrete island, it’s important to understand why you might want one. To help us figure this out. Strength is the main reason homeowners choose concrete. Concrete is everywhere, and we rely on it daily because of its strength. It’s used in many things, so we often take it for granted. But it’s trusted to keep us safe! This strength doesn’t change when it comes to outdoor cooking either.

Concrete has excellent compressive strength, meaning it can handle heavy loads. This is important for supporting multiple heavy appliances made of solid steel. You can also place heavy items on the countertop without worrying about it breaking.

Concrete also has tensile strength, which is its ability to resist cracking under tension. Not all concrete is the same, though. For your outdoor kitchen, you should look for high-performance concrete to reduce the chance of cracking.

There’s no stronger material for outdoor kitchens than concrete. It’s definitely stronger than wood.

Weather Resistance and Durability of Concrete Outdoor Kitchens

Concrete is not really affected by the weather.” That’s it! Concrete can resist many problems that other materials face. Outdoor wood kitchens have obvious issues like rot, warping, and swelling. Plus, wood is flammable.

Metal-framed islands also have their own set of problems. If you have a stone veneer over steel studs, and you live near the coast, the studs might not be well galvanized. This means they can corrode from the inside, weakening the structure over time. Moisture can easily reach the metal framework, and rusting and corrosion are major concerns, especially in coastal areas.

Metal doesn’t do well in places with freezing and thawing weather either. The constant expansion and contraction can cause pieces of the finish to come off, exposing the metal frame to the elements.

Concrete, on the other hand, is perfect for outdoor use. It allows you to have an outdoor kitchen even in places where it wouldn’t usually be possible. For example, in northern Michigan, an outdoor kitchen made from concrete can last many decades. This wouldn’t be possible with other materials!

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