3 DIY Plumbing Solutions That You Can Do (Without the Help of a Plumber)

While it is considered a best practice to always get in touch with a seasoned plumber whenever you experience any plumbing issue, it is still worth noting that there are do-it-yourself plumbing solutions that can save you a lot of money if done correctly. This article lists down some of these DIY solutions that you can do effortlessly.

Use a wet/dry vacuum to unclog a drain

One of the most useful hacks or DIY plumbing solutions that you need to be aware of is the use of a wet/dry vacuum to unclog a drain. A professional plumber often reminds homeowners in Summer Hill to take it easy on the use of a plunger or a drain snake because these tools can cause damage to their pipes. In the same manner, chemical drain cleaners may also prove to be harmful to your plumbing pipes. With the use of a wet/dry vacuum though, you will be able to recover objects causing a block in your drain seamlessly.

Fix a dripping faucet effortlessly

While a dripping faucet is not considered a plumbing emergency, it can prove to be annoying. Aside from this, it can also cost you a hefty sum once your water bill arrives. For these reasons, make sure to fix a dripping faucet as soon as you notice one. In this case, what you can do is temporarily wrap a piece of string around the faucet to see if it’s effective in augmenting the washer. Just keep in mind that you may still need to have your faucet replaced by a professional plumber anytime soon.

Replace a showerhead

Perhaps one of the easiest DIY plumbing projects that you can consider doing is the replacement of your showerhead. This will prove to be beneficial if you notice dirt on your showerhead that can no longer be removed even with deep cleaning. Fortunately, replacing a showerhead is quite straightforward and you can do it by hand. However, should you need assistance, the use of channel-lock pliers may just do the trick to get you started. Rest assured that there are various types of showerheads that you can choose from but make sure that it is compatible with your plumbing system.

The Bottom Line

In case you are ever faced with an extreme plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to call a licensed plumber immediately. Rest assured that they have the right skills and knowledge to attend to the job effectively the first time around. Nevertheless, sometimes it helps to be familiar with certain DIY plumbing solutions that can save you a significant amount of sum.

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