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How to hiring professional piano movers matter?

You excitedly shopped everywhere to find your perfect piano with the right sound, size, shape, and price. After enjoying months of carefree playing at home though, now moving day brings sheer panic. Pianos with delicate strings, pedals, and custom finishes require such specialized handling that attempting do-it-yourself transportation risks destruction both physically and financially. Keep reading to discover why hiring professional piano movers is an absolute must rather than impulse-winging it.

They have specialized equipment 

Professional piano moving crews utilize specialty trolleys, padding, and restraints engineered explicitly for delicate piano relocation unlike makeshift dolly contraptions and knotted ropes from the hardware store.

  • Thick felt lined straps prevent scuffing/dents to piano cabinet exteriors during securing and loading compared to harsh bare bungee cords.
  • Foam railings around the base prevent pedals and protruding levers from snapping off when passing through narrow spaces.
  • Custom skids with attached wheels effortlessly slide pianos inside trucks instead of awkward lifting that could tweak internal harp strings.
  • Hydraulic lift gates on trucks make for smooth ground transitions without angle mishandling.

With the right Sydney piano movers professional gear, pianos are practically float-protected despite bumpy rides and friction zones.

Insurance coverage

Reputable professional movers provide insurance policies to cover damages in transit so worst case, dents or breakages won’t come out of your pocket. Ask about coverage before booking. Doing it yourself forfeits such protection so you either pay gigantic repair bills or kiss goodbye piano parts destroyed in mishaps. Replacement inner mechanism elements like keyboards cost $1500+ not even counting aesthetic repairs. Professional expertise plus insurance gives great peace of mind during stressful moves.

They have technical know-how 

Good piano movers possess technical knowledge of internal structures to handle disassembly and transportation without wrecking delicate components. One wrong twist of a dollied piano risks:

  • Snapping harp strings that take months to retune/replace
  • Splintering old glue joints holding piano pieces leads to future collapse
  • Dislodging key mechanisms so notes don’t sound properly

Protect your piano investment against amateur tinkering and handling mistakes by hiring technicians trained in safely maneuvering insides.

Avoid logistical pitfalls

Seasoned pros also know how to navigate external structural challenges when relocating pianos without destruction:

  • They measure door widths and staircase landings to pick optimal passageways before moving rather than getting pianos jammed mid-transport.
  • They distribute weight using thick boards over old wooden flooring to avoid crashes through aging planks.
  • They disassemble legs/pedals if alignments warrant rather than attempting to aggressively twist unwieldy pianos leading to exterior nicks and cracks.

Experienced movers plan optimized transport logistics balancing feasibility, safety, and efficiency, so your piano doesn’t pay the price through poor spontaneous decisions. Professional movers deserve their premium service fees to safely see priceless pianos through chaotic moving journeys relatively unscathed. Their specialty equipment materials, technical expertise, and insurance protection validate the steep rates to piano owners hoping to preserve irreplaceable instruments from preventable destruction in the hands of amateurs. Treat your beloved piano right and let seasoned veterans handle the heavy lifting.

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