Everything You Need To Know About Wooden Pallets!

What is a pallet?

Pallets are flat structures used typically in tertiary packaging. They help protect the material that is being transported. Pallets are made up of various materials including plastic, paper, and metal but wood is the most prominent and preferable material, hence dominating the pallet market. It is affordable and provides excellent performance.

What are wooden pallets made of?

Wooden pallets are put together using the core of the trees, with proportions of both hardwood and softwood. The most favored species of wood for making pallets is the oak wood and southern yellow pine.

Oak has an extremely easy availability. Even the remains of oak from construction sites can be put to use when making a wooden pallet. Oak is also robust. The strength of oak makes it ideal since it can haul heavy loads efficiently.

Talking about Pine, due to its consistent weight, it has high strength to weight ratio and is used in making wooden pallets. The risks of molds, fungi, and other contamination are negligible since softwoods are easy to dry. Therefore, when it comes to industries where hygiene is paramount (e.g. Food, pharmaceuticals, beverages etc.); pallets produced with SYP mixtures are ideal.

Making of wooden pallets

The process of making a pallet varies based on several characteristics. It relies on the purpose the pallet is expected to serve, the size of the pallet etc. The general procedure however, remains similar for all.

The process begins when cants of Pallet arrive from sawmills. The length of the pallet cants is trimmed to the required length, ripped into boards, and then sawn into stringers and deck boards; sized according to the type of pallets needed. To allow a 4-way entry with forklifts or 2-way entry with pallet jacks, notches can be cut into stringers.

The wood is treated prior if it is to be used for sanitary applications or international shipping. Ultimately; staplers, pneumatic nailers are used to put together the pieces. Automated machines are also used to produce high volume pallets.

Pallet nailers, pallet stackers, robotic dismantlers, and saws are examples of machinery used to improve production and efficiency.


Since industrialization, transport of materials without damage has become very important to industries. The materials being safely fetched and delivered is a primary requirement. Wooden pallets make sure that is done effectively.

Spec wood cut stock is involved with the production and processing of wooden pallets, hence contributing to the safe transport of materials from industries.

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