Why are Marble Countertops a Great Choice for Your Kitchen?

Marble has always been considered a classic yet versatile option for kitchen usage. Marble is often chosen because of how beautiful it looks in any décor and also for its extensive strength. With marble being amazingly gorgeous, it is a great choice for both industrial builders as well as homeowners. There is a multitude of color and pattern options to choose from. Here are more reasons why you should consider this option.

Types of marble

The creamy, white textured stones are the first thought when you think about marbles, but there are a plethora of other options to choose from. Some colors range from taupe, gold, green, red, and even black. For your kitchen, you can try the exquisite Italian white marbles, the Calacatta and Statuario.

How to select marble?

Every marble slab is unique. So it is ideal to pick the pieces that have a close resemblance to each other. You need to understand the veining well before picking the slabs. You can also hire a professional who will artfully place the slab as it would appear as a painting. They will also help you understand how the pieces are going to come together.

Marble finishes

The finishing of the slabs has a big impact on how your overall kitchen décor looks. Here are three major marble countertop finishes that homeowners look out for:

  • Honed finish- This is done by sanding the marble to help the slab have a satiny-smooth look. It feels soft and does not reflect many scratches on the surface.
  • Polished finish- This is done by passing the slab through a grinding and buffing process. This makes the surface look highly glossy and slick. This finish also helps to highlight the colored details of the marble; the veining and the character.
  • Leather finish- This effect is achieved by adding a leather-like texture to an already honed marble surface. This effect brings in a soft sheen but not a bright polished look. It is best done with dark marbles.

Maintaining the countertops

Acids etch the surface but a honed surface will not reflect the etched marks. The marks can be removed by scrubbing. You can always sand down the marble and polish it again to help it get a new appearance.

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