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Top DIY Tips for the Home

Let’s give our homes a facelift for 2022, and I’m here to share our top DIY home tips to help you get the most bang for your buck with the most impact with the least amount of effort. What more could you want? Let’s get started!


Give the handle on your kitchen cabinets a thorough cleaning – especially if you moved into the house with the kitchen already installed; you never know what colour they may be before giving them a thorough cleaning.

If you’ve cleaned the handles thoroughly and nothing has changed, or if you still don’t like them, now is the time to spray paint them and give them new life. Why not go with the current trend and spray paint them black or gold? It’s a quick and easy way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank.

And if neither of those options works for you, why not simply replace them? It’s more likely that the existing handle shape isn’t working for you, and you want to go for the long thin sleek handles that you’ve seen all over Pinterest.


Clever lighting can transform and modernise a home by making drab areas warm and inviting, bringing out the best in your colour scheme, or making a room appear larger.

Well-thought-out lighting choices can also improve a room’s aesthetic appeal. With a statement pendant lamp above a kitchen island, hidden spotlights, or attractive table lamps that lighten up dark corners, you can add character and modernise any space in minutes.

The Walls 

Painting your walls is a DIY project that is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your space and that people will notice as soon as they walk into your home. Even if you’re just giving white walls a fresh coat of paint, you’ll be surprised at how much the paint has dulled over time.

It’s important to note that if you want to paint your walls a different colour to mix things up a little, dark colours can make small spaces appear claustrophobic, so go for milder, brighter hues instead, and aggressive colours can turn off buyers if you’re looking to sell. Similarly, avoid wallpapers with busy, bright designs, or think about papering only one wall for maximum impact and leaving the others simple.

Look up 

If a room in your house does not already have it, perhaps because it is a new build or because they were removed at some point in the past, why not add crown moulding? This little extra touch can really help bring a room together! And it is often the smaller details in a room that people overlook, leaving them to wonder what is missing.

Re-caulk the bathroom 

You’ve noticed the warning signs of deteriorating caulk. It started with the brown tinge along the edges. Its once smooth and supple skin has become brittle and cracked, allowing stubborn colonies of mildew to take hold or water to seep through and turn the wallboard and framing mushy. It has to go, whether it’s around your sink, between a tub and its tile surround, or covering the joints of your shower stall.

Fortunately, caulk is inexpensive and simple to apply. All you need is an hour, a few common tools, and materials that can be purchased at most DIY shops!


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