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Ceramic tile ideas for a creative spruce-up of your living spaces

Ceramic tiles continue to be a popular flooring option across generations. However, given their durability and style, today ceramic tiles no longer remain confined to floors.

In Canada, Club Ceramic floor tiles are known for their use in flooring and other interior design options. You will be surprised at the myriad styling options that use ceramic tiles.

This article takes you through various ceramic tile styling options.

Let us tail along!

Why do ceramic tiles remain popular?

Ceramic tiles are known for the following attributes.

  • Durability: A National Association of Home Builders Report noted that quality ceramic tiles last for 75-100 years, meaning a lifetime.
  • Versatility: Ceramic tiles come in various forms like porcelain, patio, subway, and mosaic
  • Affordability: They are cheaper than wooden flooring.
  • Easy maintenance: Can be cleaned and serviced comfortably by anyone

Ceramic tiles for every location!

The style and durability of ceramic tiles make them suitable for a range of locations. Let us check some of them.

  1. Kitchen backsplash: The ceramics withstand the cooking heat and are easy to clean up.
  2. Kitchen Island sides: Tiles make the island look very attractive and trendy.
  3. Bathroom floors: Water resistance and durability make ceramic tiles the best fit for styling your bathroom.
  4. Bathroom shower: Ceramic tiles add charm both to the walls and floor of the shower.
  5. Bathroom walls: Complementing floor tiles with wall tiles gives a good vibe to your bath spaces.
  6. Mudroom: Having ceramic tiles in the mudroom makes it easier to clean and maintain.
  7. Laundry room: The ceramic tiles ensure that the vibrations of the washing machine do not damage the floor.
  8. Entryway: Ceramic tiles give it an elegant look and make it easier to clean.
  9. Fireplace surround: Having small ceramic tiles arranged in a pretty pattern makes your fireplace look artistic.
  10. Bar area: Having ceramic tiles on walls and surfaces can reduce the damage due to occasional spills.
  11. Outdoor patio: Ceramic tiles suitable for outdoors add versatility and durability to your home.

Choose your styling option based on your home or workspace design. The color, texture, and design of the tiles can be customized as per your living space.

Some tips to maintain your outdoor ceramic tiles

  • Sweep regularly
  • Undertake a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer
  • Reseal the grout lines periodically. Follow the instruction manual for best results. 

Concluding thoughts

Ceramic tiles have become more than just a flooring option. With versatility and innovation, they can help you make an elegant style statement. How are you sprucing up your living spaces?

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