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How To Decorate Your Fence for All the Holidays


Every holiday season homeowners like to showcase their creativity and holiday spirit by decorating their homes. Fortunately, the fence is a great decorating location and that’s why people get it repaired before the holiday season. If you need to do the same, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out some awesome fence decorating ideas for the holidays:

The Decorations

  1. Fence Type – The type of fence that surrounds your property would play a major role in guiding the decorating ideas. A chain-link fence would have certain advantages and disadvantages over a picket fence and the way you decorate a living hedge fence is completely different from decorating a privacy fence. When you work with more solid fencing you get to work around a solid-colored background. 

This allows you to make your decoration props more visible and make them the star of the show. On the other hand, if you have something like chain-link fencing you need to work with a transparent background. That makes the decorating props blend in with the landscape and you need to keep that in mind while selecting them. That means you need to buy bulkier and bright decorative props to make them more visible. 

  1. Weather conditions – Your fence decor can be easily subjected to drastic winter weather without prior notice. You need to keep that in mind while decorating your fence. For instance, if there is heavy snow, it will block out the lights and produce less illumination around your fence. Similarly, if you have a garland on the fence, it can be easily blown away by a strong windstorm. 

So instead of just thinking about the decorative props, you also need to think about mounting hardware carefully. Search through stores to get reliable mounting materials that can keep the decorative props on your fence irrespective of the situation. If you plan to put up pictorial displays or garlands, make sure they are made from water-resistant materials. When you mount lights on your fence, make sure the wires aren’t hanging out and decorate them in such a way that they can withstand the weight of snow.    

  1. Garland decoration – Whenever you think about decorating your fence, everyone tends to go back to garlands. If you’re a business you’d probably want something exquisite and unique to wow your customers and attract their attention as quickly as possible. However, for homeowners who are beginners and don’t want to blow out their budget on holiday decoration, it’s best to stick to the basics.

Over the years you’ll find yourself customizing the garlands and taking on DIY projects to make your home stand out with holiday decorations. When you go for garland decoration you need to choose the color carefully. If you want a safe option, you can go green. Green always looks good on both white picket fences and on brown privacy fences. 

If you’re looking forward to hassle-free festive decorations without spending a lot of money, you can get garlands made of artificial greens. They can be used for several holiday seasons, and you don’t need to worry about the material drying out. If you get green garlands made of actual greenery you can further accentuate it with bulbs, bows, and pinecones. If you want to add greenery to your chain-link fence, make sure to bulk up with a brighter tone of green for visibility. 

  1. Draped garland – While garlands make the most basic decorative props, draped garlands take your decoration level to the next level. Draped garlands create more drama and add a lot of appeal to your decoration. However, you need to be careful with draped garlands since wrong placement can make your decoration look sloppy at best. That’s why you need to measure your fence and order enough materials so that you don’t run out of draped garland. 

Get a small sample from the local store and test it on your fence. Check out how it hangs and mark midpoints between posts. Use a pencil for markings so that you can easily erase them after the job is done. If you don’t get proper hardware to mount draped garlands you can DIY it with zip ties, twist ties, or even electric wiring. With draped garlands, it’s always about consistency while decorating your fence. 

  1. Lights – Lighting your fence will completely depend on your preferences. Just make sure that you choose a style of bulbs or LEDs that go with the overall theme and don’t look out of place on your fence. While hanging lights on the fence make sure to follow the same rules as the draped garland. Don’t let the lights slack off or partially light the fence. It’s best to get a long strip of LED lights that can be DIYed into bulbs or something else. This offers you a lot of flexibility without risking sloppy placement. 
  1. Words, symbols, and emojis – While garlands and lights are the workhorses of your decorative efforts, symbols, characters, and even emojis can add that extra magic touch to bring everything to life. Characters allow you to make words and write all kinds of quotes, jokes, haikus, or anything else you wish for. If you don’t want regular emojis on the fence, you can make your own by DIYing a few bulbs. You can even post elaborate holiday wishes and messages on the fence with a few emojis. 
  1. Use all of the fences – Finally, don’t forget to utilize all of the fences without leaving any part out. With the right placement, you can cover all the fences to make a coherent look without making it seem forced.       


As you can see, your fence provides you with a great opportunity to unleash your creativity during the holiday season. But you need to make sure that it’s in top condition before the holidays. To do that, you can hire professionals by searching for a “fencing company near me”.

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