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With all the hype going around town about Curtains you might be having double thoughts about buying curtains, but you already did buy curtains or have them at home in very good condition, and it might seem like a waste to undo those and buy completely new blackout curtains.

Do not worry because we have your back in this matter. In today’s blog, we will take you through different ways by which you can make your curtains just the way the blackout curtains are. You can turn the style of your pre-loved curtains into two distinct ways. Either you can install the lining to the curtains by sewing or you can install the lining without sewing them over.


  • The first way you can install your blackout curtain lining to the curtains is very simple. You will need to put up another rod under the first one and hang the lining material on it and you get a blackout curtain.
  • Another way to hang the lining over the blackout curtains is for grommet eyelet ones, take off your curtains and place them on a smooth flat surface with their printed side facing downwards. Put over it the blackout lining material with already installed eyelets. Put the eyelets over one another; make sure they coincide correctly with each other. Sieve both the curtain and the lining together as placed on the floor through the rod and hang them.
  • One of the other simpler ways to get you a blackout curtain is to use paint. Yes, you read that right; paint can make your curtains into blackout curtains. Lay down your curtains. Mix your normal paint with fabric paint half and a half and paint it over the lining of your curtain, so that it doesn’t become stiff when dried.


 These methods will test your sewing skills as you need to be careful about your measurements.

  • In the first method, you can install the blackout lining by sewing it to the header tape of the curtain. Header tape is applied on top of curtains where pleats are made, and hooks are to be pushed through.
  • Another method is to sew the curtain with the blackout lining. Lay the curtain out on a flat surface then measure its dimensions and cut the blackout lining material one inch less from 3 sides that is the bottom and the sides no need to reduce from the top as that will be sewn with the curtain. Sew the top and now you have a convertible black-out curtain, just pull aside or bind the blackout curtain to the side and you will have a brighter room at your service.
  • If you have curtains that already have a liner installed in them you do not need to remove that liner or open any stitching at all. Measure out the size by leaving 1 or half an inch for the seams, cut it and sew it on the already made stitching. This way you can hide the stitching as well and get pretty decent blackout curtains.
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