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Types of Apartments Available for Rent In Seattle

Seattle is a city where one can find an indifferent combination of challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, the city has a lot of draws making it the best place to live. On the other hand, there are quite a few disadvantages too like rainy weather, higher living cost, risk of earthquake and traffic congestion. 

Over the recent years, Seattle has become very popular as an educational hub attracting numerous students from different parts of the world. This is the main reason why there’s a sudden increase in the demand for student apartments in this city. 

What are the different types of rental apartments available in Seattle? 

Some of the most easily available rental apartments are mentioned below as follows: 

  • Studio apartments 

These apartments are compact and best for bachelors and students. The concept of these apartments is to provide a combined space for living. Usually, these apartments have a standard-sized room conjoined with a small bathroom and kitchen. Some people don’t find it suitable due to the limited space and small area. However, for people who don’t get time to clean and maintain their living space, these apartments are highly recommended. 

  • 1 BRK apartments 

These apartments consist of a bedroom with a conjoined bathroom and a separate kitchen. There’s no dining or living space in these apartments. The basic difference between these and studio apartments is the isolated kitchen. 

  • 2 BRK apartments 

These are the same as 1BRK apartments except for the number of rooms being two. So, there are two bedrooms with a bathroom and a separate kitchen in these apartments. People with a small family can consider this option for living in Seattle. 

  • Shared apartments 

As the name suggests, these apartments are shared by a group of other students or working professionals. All of them stay together and use the same kitchen and bathroom. There’s nothing separate in such apartments. 

That’s all about the different types of rental apartments available in Seattle.  If you’re planning to move to Seattle, you must decide on any of these options beforehand and take the move. 

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