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There are several different types of concrete cutting services that may be employed when sawing concrete. What kind of cut must be made and how it should be made will depend on the project’s needs. For instance, curb sawing is excellent for making cuts around pre-existing curbs and sidewalks, whereas angle sawing is frequently utilized for exposed aggregate finishes. The building business uses both kinds of sawing. These two sawing methods are often employed in the building and construction sectors.

JP Hogan is the only business you need to contact if you seek experienced concrete cutting services that are tailored to your specific needs. Our highly skilled employees have access to the most up-to-date, cutting-edge methods and equipment, which enables them to effectively accomplish any task, from straightforward domestic renovations to complex commercial building projects. Our organization offers a variety of cutting alternatives, including wire sawing, wall sawing, and road sawing. This enables us to decide which cutting style is most suited to your individual requirements. Whether you want extensive asphalt repairs or only a few minor home renovations, you can trust JP Hogan to do the work to your satisfaction. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about the concrete cutting services we provide and to discover the reasons why professionals working in a broad range of areas and industries choose to deal with us.


For the building of concrete surfaces, particularly highways, the angle sawing technique, also known as slope cutting, offers a number of benefits. This procedure requires using a blade that has been oriented to some extent in order to produce the cut in order to cut through the concrete’s surface. This has the ability to help reduce the overall thickness of the top layer in addition to producing an exposed aggregate finish that is aesthetically attractive. As a result, it is a particularly effective method for cutting vertical surfaces without endangering the concrete’s structural integrity. Additionally, the angle sawing approach allows for simultaneous use of both sides of the blade, allowing for faster completion of the cutting process than would be feasible with any of the other methods. As a result, the technique in question is a fantastic choice to consider when it comes to building smooth and practical concrete surfaces, such as motorways.


For making precise and clean cuts in a variety of hard surfaces, such as concrete sidewalks and curbs, flatwork is a type of sawing. The term “curb sawing” is used to describe the method. Since the equipment was made expressly for this duty, cutting through materials like concrete or asphalt using a curb saw doesn’t harm the surface that it is cutting through. Contractors and builders use these cutting tools whenever it’s required to make a clean, continuous line or junction in an existing surface. They function with such accuracy that they are perfect for this purpose.

Sawing with a Handsaw or a Chain

It’s probable that you’ll encounter situations during a construction project or a job requiring road maintenance when you’ll need to cut through solid asphalt or concrete. A chainsaw is frequently the best tool for the work at hand in circumstances like this one. Chainsaws may be used for a variety of purposes and can be operated manually or with a power source that is attached to them. Another potential application for these instruments is for precise sawing tasks like removing door hinges or cutting straight lines in rebar. Regardless of the power source you choose to use to operate the chainsaw, whether it be manually, with electricity, gasoline, or hydraulic power, this multifunctional tool will help you do the operation quickly and accurately. Therefore, take your chainsaw and go to work if you need to make precise cuts in confined spaces.

Sawing Roads

Cutting a road is a complex procedure that requires both high levels of talent and competence from those involved. In order to achieve clean cuts in asphalt or concrete road surfaces, as well as other exterior projects like bridges and runways, when pursuing this technique, specialized machinery must be used. Road sawing is a job that can only be done by skilled experts with the necessary knowledge and education because of how large of an area has to be covered. Road sawing also necessitates considerable attention to detail due to the necessity to work swiftly while generating precise cuts. Road sawing, in general, is a crucial part of maintaining roads and other large outdoor surfaces like parking lots and sports fields. This is due to the fact that road sawing helps to maintain the areas’ structural integrity while also maintaining the areas’ safety for vehicles and other sorts of users.

Using a Saw to Cut Wires

An extremely efficient method for slicing through massive reinforced concrete structures is wire sawing. Due to its use of cutting equipment that is at the leading edge of technology and its unique diamond-impregnated segments, JP Hogan is able to perform cuts that are exact and accurate in a quick and efficient manner. Our crew can handle a broad range of applications, including the destruction of concrete structures like piers, towers, bridges, and other bridges and structures, whether they are working on the land or in the water. Your next wire sawing job will be completed on schedule and to the highest standards if you use the group of qualified experts that we have assembled especially for you so that you can be sure of the results.

Construction Applications for Heavy Duty

Due to its ability to make precise cuts, especially on strong concrete surfaces, wall sawing has quickly become one of the most often used tools in building and demolition activities. One of the key causes of its growing popularity is this. The use of a circular blade mounted on a complex track system is required for this type of deep cutting, which is also known as “track sawing.” The track system’s capacity to move swiftly and smoothly along a predetermined route enables the blade to efficiently and accurately cut through substantial concrete walls, columns, and beams. Cutting holes in concrete buildings to eliminate pre-existing structural elements is only one application for wall sawing. These applications are ideal for wall sawing due to their unrivaled accuracy.

Because there are so many alternatives, concrete cutting services may be customized to meet the needs of any particular project. JP Hogan’s cutting techniques will work well whether you need road sawing for large outdoor areas or angle sawing for an exposed aggregate finish. Large outside surfaces are perfect for road sawing. Finishing exposed aggregate is best accomplished with an angle saw. It is important to consider the type of project you are working on as well as the kind of cut that will be most suitable for your needs when looking for a concrete-cutting service. This is due to the wide variety of incisions that may be made in concrete.

JP Hogan Provides Expert Concrete Cutting Services.

JP Hogan is a company that always delivers when it comes to providing top-notch concrete cutting services. Our highly skilled staff has access to state-of-the-art tools and methods, allowing them to effectively finish even the most challenging jobs. Whether it’s building a bridge, a public road, or any other type of construction work you may need, we are prepared with the knowledge and experience required to effectively execute any project.

Modern tools and extremely accurate methods accompany the concrete cutting services that we offer. This allows us to deliver correct information while posing as little of a disruption to the neighborhood as possible. We provide a variety of cutting techniques, including wire sawing, wall sawing, and road sawing, so you can be sure to find a solution that is suited to your unique needs and goals.

If you’re looking for trustworthy concrete cutting services that will surpass your expectations, go no further than JP Hogan. To learn more about our vast list of capabilities and the reasons why we are the most popular option in this market segment, visit our website right now at www.888jphogan.com!

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