How to Pests in Redmond Access Your House?

Pests are smart creatures that can easily find access to your home. From rodents to cockroaches, many pests want to invade your home for food, water, and shelter. A lot of areas in your home can give access to these unwanted visitors and they must be fixed right away to avoid an infestation. To stop pests in their tracks, you must take Pest Control in Redmond seriously and work with experts in addressing common access points for pests. 

If pests have invaded your home, you should rely on a pest exterminator for help. Pest control experts can address any pest issues with effective and efficient services. The following are ways pests can enter your house:

Poorly Maintained Yards

Pests can make your yard their breeding ground if it is full of debris and overgrown greeneries. This will make it easier for these creepy crawlies to get into your home, particularly if there is standing water on your property. For mosquitoes, standing water provides the ideal breeding environment. To keep yard pests out of your home, trim the grass regularly and rake and get rid of leaves. Also, low areas in the yard can collect water, so consider leveling them. birdbath and foundation water must be changed every 2 weeks. 

Improperly Sealed Doors

Many pests can come in through your front door using the tiniest of openings. Bugs can use door frame cracks to enter your house. You can stop entry by installing a steel or aluminum threshold to close gaps between the door frame and the door itself. Experts usually recommend investing in a nylon sweep over its neoprene or vinyl counterpart for extra protection.

Perimeter Cracks and Passages

Cracks in your home’s perimeter, foundation, and walls can be a perfect entryway for pests. Heating and cable wires that run through outside and inside walls can have gaps around them that must be sealed. Make sure the vent dampers are not broken or stuck open. Foundational cracks and gaps must be resealed, keeping an eye on where the foundation meets the side walls. 

Open Food and Water

Pests can feast on your food and your pet’s food. To prevent this, you should store all food in airtight containers or the fridge if possible. Do not allow dirty dishes to sit as they can draw all types of pests. Ensure you take out the trash frequently and keep the trash can clean. 

Cluttered Spaces

Sometimes, no matter how diligently you prevent pests from getting inside, they can find ways into your house. The best way to prevent pests from causing an infestation is to eliminate their food sources and hiding spots. Pests love to hide in clutter, particularly old magazines, cardboard boxes, and newspapers. Declutter your house regularly to protect your house from rodents, roaches, and other pests.

Utility Lines and Vents

Wall holes can be perfect access points for mice and bugs. That is why they should be sealed off. Pay attention to places where cables or pipes go into walls. For holes that have cords that go through them, steel wool must be used to pad them. Caulk should be applied around the edges to keep the steel wool in place. 

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