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How Can You Book A Plot In New Metro City Gujar Khan?

In New Metro City Gujar Khan, development work is undergoing and is incredibly quickly. 

The time is opportune to invest in this project because it will be a profitable housing development for your next generation.

At the entrance to New Metro City Gujar Khan, the foundation for main gate is already in place. The development process is also moving very quickly.

You should be aware that booking a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan has a lot of appealing qualities. 

The land is one of the most sought-after and ideal investment prospects in Rawalpindi as a result of these alluring characteristics.

But purchasing land can also be challenging and time-consuming.

You must adhere to certain guidelines and procedures in order to obtain an asset, and that too without difficulty or deception.

We will lead you through New Metro City Gujar Khan payment plan and booking procedure in this blog.

So, let’s get started.

How To Book A Plot In New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Over the past few years, Rawalpindi real estate has grown significantly. The cost of real estate alone in Rawalpindi has nearly doubled since 2010. 

Due to this encouraging trend, a lot of people are eager to get their hands on a piece of this lucrative area.

Keep reading if you want to join the bandwagon but are unsure of how to get started. 

We are going to walk you through some fundamental procedures you must follow in order to get the greatest bargain and stay away from dishonest real estate brokers that are always ready to pounce on their gullible clients.

  • Consult with the right agent

It’s a blessing to find the ideal real estate agent. In addition to introducing possible assets, they will make sure that everything continues in the right direction.

 In conclusion, use a good real estate agent without a doubt if you want things to proceed smoothly and transparently.

Globe Estate is renowned for its knowledgeable real estate experts, open and safe procedures, and simple transactions. 

  • Documentation

The legal conflict is the most crucial element that you need to take into account. Exchanging a document is not a real deal, but its verification is the most important step because it is simple to create fake documents in Pakistan.

So be careful not to get duped by any bogus documents and always double-check them. You must, however, have faith that there are no ongoing legal problems in this territory in order to avoid future hassles.

  • Verification

A document called the No Demand Certificate (NDC) in Pakistan demonstrates that the property is free and clear of all debts and taxes. 

Therefore, obtain this certificate before entering into a contract. 

Both the buyer and the seller must go to the society office to apply for the issuing of NDC in order to receive this certificate. 

The following supporting paperwork is needed to apply:

  • Photocopy of the allotment letter
  • Photocopy of the buyer’s NIC
  • Photocopy of seller’s NIC
  • Token funds before paying with a bank check (PO)

Once you have confirmed all the information, be sure to let your real estate agent know so they can negotiate the best price for you (where applicable). 

Before concluding any agreement, haggle over the price with the seller if you’re buying independently. 

Once all the information has been confirmed and the price is acceptable to you, you can give the seller the Token Money.

According to a standard market practice, token money is often equal to 5% of the total amount. 

To prevent fraud, all funds must be recorded, and for this reason, bank Pay orders must be used to transfer the funds. It is the most secure way to send money.

  • Letters of allocation and transfer

Before paying the whole payment, it is crucial to remember that the allotment or transfer letter is in your name.

 Never make these choices on impulse, and always double-check all the paperwork before making a purchase. Your real estate agent can once again provide guidance with the allotment and transfer letter.

  • Agreement

The agreement between the parties happens when the deal is finalized, and it’s the most crucial phase because at this point you can’t go back on the written agreement.

It includes the sum paid by the buyer to the seller as well as the pay order number or cash. A contract also includes a membership fee and pay stamp with a charge of 5% of the total cost of the property (as mentioned earlier).

A copy of the contract must be provided by the buyer and the seller, respectively. Although it may seem pointless, everything has a good track record. 

Last but not least, go to the police station to see if a NOC (no-objection certificate) has been given for that property.

Can Overseas Pakistanis book a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Absolutely yes! Overseas Pakistanis can book their plots online on by submitting a form. 

For Pakistanis living abroad, the online residential plot booking system offers a fantastic investment opportunity.

It is difficult for someone who lives abroad to travel to Pakistan to reserve a plot. We provide a fantastic chance for Pakistanis living abroad to reserve their properties online. 

They can invest easily in their own nation thanks to the process. Expats can simply book their home plots online because New Metro City Gujar Khan has a lot to offer.

What will happen after submitting the form? 

A member of our resource team will give you a call at the number you provide on the application. 

Our customer service staff will get in touch with you right away if you have any questions about the documents you supplied for the booking process. 

Feel free to contact us at any moment if you run into any problems filling out the application form or if there is anything you are unsure of. 

Within 30 working days of the file being submitted to the main office, your entire profile will be given to the provided address. And the file will be sent to your address.

Any issue will be instantly resolved by our correspondents. Putting money into Gujar Khan Metro City will give you amazing opportunities. 

It will prove to be the most secure investment you ever make. Save time and make a reservation.

Documents needed to book a plot in Metro Housing Society Gujar Khan

Plot reservations involve a drawn-out and demanding process. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems later, careful study is required now. 

The following documentation is needed to reserve a plot in the New Metro City Gujar Khan:

  • For overseas investors, NICOP is mandatory
  • Two latest passport size pictures
  • Two copies of the National Identity Card
  • Two CNIC copies of next to kin

To begin the booking process in New Metro City Gujar Khan, these documents are required. Additionally, investors must gather as much pertinent information as possible to help them avoid any future annoyances. 

In addition, a few things need to be kept in mind when booking a plot. First, the payment schedule must be adhered to because failing to do so could postpone getting control of the assets. 

Finally, timely investment is important since property values may increase once the housing society has finished its development work.

Booking of Commercial Plots

We now solely provide an online booking mechanism for residential plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan. Commercial plots can then be simply reserved online as well. The main goal of these activities is to make it easier for consumers to make hassle-free reservations.


This housing society’s most significant feature is New Metro City Gujar Khan. Additionally, the developers give all investors and potential residents the greatest living possible. 

The New Metro City Gujar Khan location and the cost of the properties are further appealing features of this residential project. 

Additionally, TMA Rawalpindi has approved the housing project. Since development work is progressing quickly, making an investment now will be advantageous for all parties. 

To begin the purchasing process, though, extensive research is necessary. Therefore, there would be numerous advantages for Pakistanis who invest abroad.

 Last but not least, go to New Metro City Gujar Khan website official website to learn more about investing in the project.

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