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8 Stylish Bathroom Decorating Ideas by Expert Bathroom Designers

While designing your powder room, you need to keep in mind two key factors- functionality and aesthetics. Most people nail the functionality part, but they struggle to make their bathroom look stylish and tasteful. 

If you feel your bathroom is in dire need of a design upgrade but you can’t afford a costly makeover, then we are here to solve your dilemma. Read along to discover 8 creative decorating ideas which your bathroom designers will never tell you. 

  • Pick a style 

Before you go bathroom décor shopping, pause and reflect on the vibe you want your bathroom to exude. Decide whether you want a retro old Hollywood style powder room or a bohemian bathroom with a loud geometric woven rug. Industrial, log cabin, contemporary, Mediterranean, Parisian chic and minimalist are some of the popular bathroom styles to consider. 

  • Select a colour scheme 

White, grey, black and warm neutrals like cream and beige are great colours for your bathroom. You can also consider cool tones like hues of green and blue. However, don’t shy away from statement colours like teal, turquoise or ruby if that is more of your vibe. Expert bathroom designers recommend installing stylish wallpaper to elevate your bathroom aesthetic. 

  • Let your tiles tell a story 

Don’t underestimate the power of your bathroom floors. By introducing mosaic tiles or colour blocking tiles, you can instantly add character to your dull bathroom. 

  • Use light in your bathroom 

Adding a large window by your bathtub will straight away make your bathroom look decadent and super-luxe. You can also go all out with your lights by hanging a chandelier or statement pendant lights to make the room look relaxing and inviting. Lamps and wall scones are unique fixtures to consider that will accentuate your bathroom decor. 

  • Add metallic accents

Metals instantly make your space look stylish and costly. You can consider installing metal faucets or handles on your bathroom cabinets. Nickel, brass, bronze and copper are popular choices to consider. If you are feeling extra, you can pick hardware that has accent colours that already exist in the room. For those who don’t want to splurge, you can install metallic tension rods to hang your clothes or buy a metallic soap dispenser, tissue and toothbrush holders. 

  • Introduce nature into your bathroom 

Adding indoor plants into your bathroom makes them look airy and fresh. You can opt for a cactus or fake plants if you don’t want to commit to real ones. If you have the luxury, then you can consider letting your bathroom open up to your courtyard to bring the outdoors inside. 

  • Get creative with your décor 

Who says you can’t hang artwork or display your fancy robes on hooks in your bathroom? If you have a large bathroom, you can add a rustic chair next to your vanity, ladder or an etagere to make your bathroom look ultra-chic and organised.  

  • Small things matter 

A rule that bathroom designers swear by is paying attention to details. By simply switching plastic wastebins to chic wicker baskets or plastic trays for sleek marble trays, you can make your bathroom feel luxurious. Invest in soft hand towels, comfy robes, scented candles, faux silk shower curtains and handwashes with a tanstilising aroma so that your guests feel like they have escaped into a spa as soon as they step into your bathroom. 

Avoid drowning your bathroom with too many décor elements as it will make your space look cluttered. Try to create a décor that is simple and serene. Look for more bathroom décor inspiration? Check out the Asian Paint website to stay up to date with the latest bathroom accessories and sanitaryware styles. 

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