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5 Awesome Advantages of Divan Beds

Sleep plays such an important role in all of our lives that it is essential to make sure we are doing all we can to get the best possible night of sleep imaginable. This is why you have to work on improving your sleep routine, but, also, choosing the ideal bed that you’re going to sleep on. According to a report by Aviva, disrupted sleep affects 67% of adults in the UK, and much of this comes down to being uncomfortable.

This is why it is hugely important to make sure you find the right bed that is going to make all the difference to your sleeping routine. What we sleep on matters considerably, and it’s no surprise that the UK mattress market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.52% by 2027, according to information provided by Mordor Intelligence.

More Brits than ever are looking to improve their sleeping habits, and one of the best ways is to invest in a divan bed. Here are 5 awesome advantages of this excellent bed:

1. Flexibility

The flexibility of the divan bed is one of the key advantages it provides. In a range of different sizes and styles, this is the perfect bed for guest bedrooms, hotels, and Airbnb rentals. No matter the sort of sleeping arrangement you’re after, the flexibility of these beds makes them the perfect choice for UK households and businesses.

2. Storage

Storage is a huge benefit when space is at such a premium these days. With more and more of us looking for ways to be economical with space, and to declutter our lives, the storage space offered by divans is absolutely crucial. They can be designed to include drawers on one side of the base, making them a godsend to those with smaller bedrooms and flats, who might be looking for alternative storage solutions.

3. Fast & Efficient

The fast and efficient nature of putting divan beds up, and the fact that there is no assembly required makes them an appealing choice. Many of us live very busy lives, and we may not have the time or inclination to spend putting a bed together. This is one of the best choices in that regard, as divans provide users with a fully assembled bed, thus avoiding those pesky DIY mishaps!

4. Customisable

Something many Brits love about the divan is how customisable it is, and how it can be effortlessly adapted to fit and suit your space. This is something that comes with a lot of benefits, and allows you to match it to the room you have and the specific parameters that you want to work with.

5. Plenty of Choice

There is plenty of choice if you are looking for a range of divan beds to buy, and this is one of the most appealing factors. You have to think about the best ways of being able to achieve this, and it is vital to focus on this as much as possible. Being able to choose from a range of different styles, colours and sizes is such an advantage when choosing the ultimate bed for your home.

The divan bed has become a staple in UK homes since as far back as the ‘60s, and with good reason. This economical, efficient and comfortable bedroom stalwart is an essential part of improving your sleep routine, and helping you feel rested and refreshed every morning.

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Gary Lynch